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  1. To encourage domestic industrials and commercial organisations, whose GHG-intensive activities could speed up the accumulation of atmospheric GHGs relative to a surge in energy consumption, to commit to reducing the emissions; to ensure that all users involved with the energy consumption on the premises become aware of GHG emissions arising from the associated work front; and to provide them an opportunity to participate in the decision-making of plans and policies as to the alternative ways to decrease GHG emissions.
  2. In order to render the Carbon Reduction Certification for Buildings project viable, the organisations in the commercial buildings sector should show enthusiasm and be prepared to take on measures in correspondence with the scope of energy consumption on the premises, as well as maintain good practice of the buildings; and to promote activities via use of approved mechanisms and factor in the setting up of scope and direction of plans and policies with respect to sustainable use, effective approach and environmentally friendly strategies.
  3. To raise the awareness of occupants within non-residential buildings, and make them beware of the activities on the premises which could have a negative impact on the climate system.