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Certification request procedure

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  1. In the first step to apply for the certification, the applicant must complete and submit the application form along with supporting documents with full detailed information filled in every section of the form. The form will not be considered eligible for further evaluation process unless all necessary information is provided.
  2. All submitted documents will be processed under the agreed terms of the project and the initial analysis will be carried out to check for completeness before a building audit is to be conducted for the accuracy and reliability of information given. The validation of documents will be issued once all relevant details have been corrected and met the project criteria.
  3. Once information obtained has been analysed and the submitted documents have been validated, the secretary division will submit the documents to the technical division with authority to issue a letter of confirmation on the emission reductions of the building that has fulfilled the project criteria. The technical staff will thoroughly examine the documents in all technical aspects. The staff from the secretary division and the technical division may together visit and conduct an audit of the building of the applicant requesting carbon reduction certification. The incurred costs must be paid by the applicant before submitting the evaluation results to the designated operational committee for further approval of the certified emission reductions of the building.
  4. The designated operational committee will then verify the emission reductions and all validated documents, and will make a final decision whether or not a carbon reduction certificate can be issued. The secretary division will notify the applicant of the result.
  5. When the verification of the building’s emission reductions has been finalised and met with the committee’s approval, the applicant must pay the cost of process fees in correspondence with the category of building shown in Table 1. The secretary division will finally proceed to give a certificate to the applicant.


1. Application form ( /) 2. General details of the building ( /)

Figure 1: Complete procedures of official requests for carbon reduction certification for buildings