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Evaluation Criteria

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Evaluation criteria (for the O&M phase only)

  1. The first criterion is applicable to the building with the potential to achieve 10 per cent reduction or more in the overall emissions between the base year 2545 and the two latest years which hold record of three scope emission sources (electricity consumption, fuel combustion and waste management) over the period of 12 consecutive months. In addition, information on the organisation’s activities associated with intensive energy consumption is also required.
  2. For the second criterion, it applies to the newly constructed building after 2545. In this case, the committee will alternatively opt to consider benchmarking against the total average energy consumption of the similar types of building.
  3. In the case of the existing building which has already been renovated, or the building which has been constructed in recent years using cutting-edge technologies to curb the emissions, the committee will – by comparison with other similar types of building – consider using benchmarking of the building performance in terms of average energy consumption as well as current technologies, GHG mitigation measures, and energy saving policies.