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Climate Change (CC)

The rapid increase in the world population as well as the excessive consumption

Energy (EG)

Energy is crucial to modern life in Thailand as well as the country’s economic growth.

Sustainable Production and Consumption (SPC)

Since its establishment in 1993, TEI has pushed for the implementationof sustainable

Livable Cities (LC)

Owing to the rapid expansion of urban areas in Thailand, TEI has been working

Environmental Management (EM)

Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) works to improve Thailand’s global competitiveness

Natural Resources (NR)

Water Resources Thailand Environment Institute has collaborated repeatedly

Good Governance (GG)

Good governance is defined by the ability to govern by inviting the participation of people

Environmental Education (EE)

Environmental Education is defined by UNESCO as a process that aims to raise people’s

Pollution Reduction (PR)

Increased production and consumption of goods and services, a world population

Sustainable Development Activities (SDA)