Thai Green Label Products

Products for which criteria has been set for awarding the Green Label
Product Criteria of Green Label (as of 29 July 2016)

  No. Product Criteria Status  
  1 Products made from recycled plastics
TGL-01-R2-12 Active  
  2 Fluorescent lamps TGL-02-R4-15 Active  
  3 Refrigerators TGL-03-R3-11 Active  
  4 Paints TGL-04-R4-14 Active  
  5 Flushing toilets TGL-05-R3-11 Active  
  6 Primary batteries TGL-06-R1-10 Active  
  7 Air-conditioners
TGL-07-R3-14 Active  
  8 Papers TGL-08-R2-11 Active  
  9 Printing and writing paper
TGL-08/1-15 Active  
  10 Sprays with zero ODP & GWP substances
TGL-09-R1-06 Active  
  11 Detergents TGL-10-R1-10 Active  
  12 Faucets and sanitary accessories TGL-11-R2-11 Active  
  13 Computers
TGL-12-R1-12 Active  
  14 Clothes washing machines for household use
TGL-13-R2-12 Active  
  15 Building materials : Thermal insulations TGL-14-R1-11 Active  
  16 Rubber insulation TGL-14/2-R1-11 Active  
  17 Motors TGL-15-98 Active  
  18 Products made from clothes TGL-16-R2-11 Active  
  19 Laundry services and dry cleaning services TGL-17-98 Under revision process  
  20 Shampoo TGL-18-R1-11 Active  
  21 Dishwashing detergents TGL-19-R1-11 Under revision process  
  22 Lubricant oil TGL-20-R1-11 Active  
  23 Steel furniture TGL-21-R2-14 Active  
  24 Products made from rubberwood TGL-22-R1-11 Active  
  25 Electronic ballasts TGL-23-R2-12 Active  
  26 Soaps TGL-24-R1-11 Active  
  27 Surface cleaners TGL-25-R1-11 Active  
  28 Correcting agent TGL-26-R1-09 Active  
  29 Photocopiers TGL-27-R4-15 Active  
  30 Gasoline stations TGL-28-R3-15 Under revision process  
  31 Writing instrument TGL-29-R1-10 Active  
  32 Toner cartridge TGL-30/1-R4-15 Active  
  33 Remanufactured Toner Cartridges TGL-30/2-17 Active  
  34 Fertilizers TGL-31-02 Active  
  35 Vehicles TGL-33-R1-11 Active  
  36 Televisions TGL-34-R1-12 Active  
  37 Mobile phone TGL-35-03 Active  
  38 Facsimile machine TGL-36-R1-12 Active  
  39 Printers TGL-37-R2-15 Active  
  40 Microwave oven TGL-38-11 Active  
  41 Video media players / Recorders TGL-39-04 Active  
  42 Cement roofing tiles TGL-40/1-08 Under revision process  
  43 Clay roof tiles TGL-40/2-09 Under revision process  
  44 Concrete roof tiles TGL-40/3-09 Under revision process  
  45 Panels for the building, decorating and furniture industry TGL-41-R1-11 Active  
  46 Fire extinguisher TGL-42-08 Under revision process  
  47 Compostable plastics products TGL-44-12 Active  
  48 Wallcoverings TGL-45-12 Active  
  49 Cement board TGL-47-11 Active  
  50 Polyethylene pipes for drinking water TGL-48-11 Active  
  51 Gypsum board TGL-49-10 Active  
  52 Electric fans TGL-51-11 Active  
  53 Motorcycles TGL-52-11 Active  
  54 Canopy and deck cover for motor vehicle TGL-53-11 Active  
  55 Carpets TGL-54-11 Active  
  56 Heat pump TGL-57-11 Active  
  57 Ceramic floor/wall tiles TGL-58-11 Active  
  58 Motorcycle tyres TGL-59-11 Active  
  59 Tyres TGL-60-11 Active  
  60 Bricks and blocks TGL-61-11 Active  
  61 Building envelope glasses TGL-62-12 Active  
  62 Electric thermo pot TGL-63-12 Active  
  63 Vacuum cleaners TGL-64-12 Active  
  64 Hand dryers TGL-65-12 Active  
  65 Fabric softeners TGL-66-12 Active  
  66 Secondary batteries for portable applications TGL-67-12 Active  
  67 Car Batteries TGL-68-12 Active  
  68 Furniture TGL-69-12 Active  
  69 Doors and windows TGL-70-12 Active  
  70 Rubber floor covering TGL-71/1-12 Active  
  71 Plastic floor covering TGL-71/2-12 Active  
  72 Lubricant oil change service station TGL-72-12 Active  
  75 Electric rice-cookers TGL-73-12 Active  
  76 Luminaires for double-capped fluorescent lamp TGL-74-12 Active  
  77 Stamps, Stamp ink, and Stamp pads TGL-75-13 Active  
  78 Adhesive TGL-76-13 Active  
  79 Paper printing service TGL-77-13 Active  
  80 Cleaning service TGL-78-13 Active  
  81 Meeting, Seminar, and Training Services TGL-79-13 Active  
  82 Photocopier leasing service TGL-80-13 Active  
  83 Digital Projectors TGL-81-13 Active  
  84 Electric Fryers TGL-82-13 Active  
  85 Dishwashers TGL-83-13 Active  
  86 Hair Dryers TGL-84-13 Active  
  87 Refrigerated display cabinet TGL-85-13 Active  
  88 Light Emitting Diode Lamps TGL-86-13 Active  
  89 Electric irons TGL-87-13 Active  
  90 Mattresses TGL-88-13 Active  
  91 Footwear TGL-89-13 Active  
  92 Battery Charger for Portable Electronic Devices TGL-90-14 Active  
  93 Air cleaners TGL-91-14 Active  
  94 Toaster TGL-92-14 Active  
  95 Hair Conditioner TGL-93-14 Active  
  96 Electric Water Pump TGL-94-14 Active  
  97 Electric Instantaneous Water Heater TGL-95-14 Active  
  98 Watches and Clocks TGL-96-14 Active  
  99 Bottled water coolers TGL-97-15 Active  
  100 Passenger Vans TGL-98-15 Active  
  101 Portland Cement and Hydraulic Cement TGL-99-15 Active  
  102 Leather Care Products TGL-100-15 Active  
  103 Brake Linings for Automobiles and Motorcycles TGL-101-15 Active  
  104 Automobile Service TGL-102-15 Active  
  105 Green Label Product Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes for Drinking Water TGL-103-15 Active  
  106 Paper Packaging TGL-104-15 Active  
  107 Plastic Packaging TGL-105-15 Active  
  108 Uninterruptible Power System, UPS TGL-106-15 Active  
  109 Wood based panel and building material TGL-107-16    
  110 Glass for Building Interior Applications) TGL-108-16    
  111 Partitions TGL-109-16    
  112 Photovoltaic Modules TGL-110-16    
  113 Natural material toys TGL-111-16    
  114 Ball for sport TGL-112-16    
  115 Sanitary Napkins TGL-113-16    
  116 Incense TGL-114-16    
  117 Curtain and Blinds TGL-115-16    
  118 Hotel Services TGL-116-16    
  119 Transformer TGL-117-16    
  120 Electric and Communication Cables TGL-118-16    
  121 Fitting TGL-119-16    
  122 Unplasticized Polyvinylchloride Pipes not used for Drinking Water TGL-120-16    
  123 Wood-like Plastic TGL-121-16    
  124 Disposable diapers TGL-122-16