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Greening the Supply Chain 2004 - Present

As business sector normally uses natural resources for production of products and services from upstream to downstream of industries in the supply chain to produce products or services, the TBCSD aimed to use the Supply Chain Management as a tool for environmental improvement in organizations. It will encourage especially Thai-owned small and medium enterprises to improve their environmental performance via the mentoring process, and also creates an internal cooperation within organization as well as external cooperation between suppliers and buyers in order to meet the customer's requirements. In this project, buyers will be able to help their main suppliers. Several training courses on environmental technologies and environmental management tools, e.g. cleaner production, environmental management system (ISO 14001), environmental performance evaluation (EPE), will be provided to suppliers by their buyers and the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI). Suppliers will then select tools to be implemented in their factories for better environmental management. The success of their implementation will be monitored and evaluated by buyers throughout the project.

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