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Background information

Mission : To provide an independent and credible platform for corporate leaders to address issues related to Sustainable development and promote leadership in environmental management, social responsibility , and economic performance. 

With a vision to create a synergy for the corporate sector as a whole to move towards sustainability, TERI- BCSD India was set up in 2001. It has now evolved into a 86 member strong industry body, with membership from sectors, including public sector undertakings, multinationals, and private companies from across India.

An industry-led structure: In order to make TERI-BCSD India an industry-led initiative, a member-driven Ex-Com (Executive Committee) has been set up, with CEOs from all its member companies. The Ex-Com provides strategic direction and formulates the plan of action of the business council. Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs elected from the membership lead the Ex-Com, which not only represents but also builds industry ownership in the activities of TERI–BCSD India.
TERI-BCSD India member company representatives identify, conceptualize and implement projects in partnership with researchers at TERI and the structure of the business council reflects this partnership. TERI provides research and implementation support to the business council and acts as the permanent technical resource. Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General of TERI, serves as the President of TERI-BCSD India.

Focus of TERI–BCSD India

Based on the interest of the members, TERI–BCSD India has organized itself into the following five Thematic Advisory Groups.

  1. Energy - Addressing issues related to access to energy; exploring future energy infrastructure, sources, technologies and energy frameworks
  2. Water - Understanding and measuring water risks and opportunities for companies and developing tools and techniques for water resource management, water conservation etc.
  3. Climate Change - Devising practical mechanisms, measurement tools, market based solutions etc. to help companies reduce their carbon foot-print
  4. Healthcare – Assisting companies to address workplace health, safety and hazard management
  5. Sustainable Livelihoods - Exploring the role of the private sector and businesses to mobilize and strengthen its contribution to poverty-reduction strategies and ecosystem conservation.


TERI–BCSD, India facilitates collaboration and partnerships among its members to achieve effective social, economic, and environmental interventions. The body is also involved in generating and disseminating vital data and information on specific industrial concerns. Some of TERI-BCSD, India's major activities are:

  1. Business role in the National Action Plan on Climate Change
  2. Promotion of low carbon economy among the Business sector
  3. Encouraging CSR among Small and Medium Enterprises
  4. Promoting sustainability reporting among Indian corporate
  5. Cement Sustainability initiative
  6. Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  7. Business fight against HIV/AIDS
  8. Industrial water management solutions
  9. Energy for development

Contact information

Darbari Seth Block
IHC Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi – 110 003, India
Tel. +91 11 2468 2100 / 4150 4900
Fax +91 11 2468 2144 / 2468 2145
E-mail  bcsd@teri.res.in
Web  www.teriin.org/bcsd


Address :16/151 Muang Thong Thani, Bond Street, Bangpood, Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120 THAILAND
Telephone : +66 2 503 3333 Facsimile : +66 2 504 4826-8 E-mail : tbcsd@tei.or.th