" Environmental Security in Thailand "

An Assessment of Food, Water, Clean Air and Energy Sustainability

Quantitative data PLUS cutting edge policy analysis - this report
serves as a useful model for analyzing environmental security issues
in Southeast Asia and beyond

This publication clearly and succinctly examines and integrates the security of four essential resources food, water, clean air, energy from and environmental threat perspective. Covered in this informative volume are two broad areas of concern:

  • the health of the natural environment, and
  • the impact of environmental change (both natural and anthropogenic).

This report focuses on the immediate effects of environmental degradation on production, consumption and social welfare. Based on a trend analysis of time-series data for selected key indicators at national and sub-national levels, coupled with an assessment of future trends, this report identifies and analyses key linkages between the environment and resource security in Thailand . Included are practical policy measures that could strengthen beneficial linkages and break or weaken harmful ones. The authors argue that if Thailand is to ensure the security of its resources in the face of rapid environmental change, it must build awareness around the need for societal adaptation to environmental constraints. Strong institutions capable of supporting difficult decisions are critical, as is integrating previously fragmented and sectoral policies.

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