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Strengthening the Right to Information to Improve Public Health and Environmental Quality


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This project is aimed to improve access to environmental (air and water pollution control) and health-related information. Specific objectives are:

  • Empower communities in Thailand to improve their environmental health through improved access to information;
  • Improving the implementation of the Freedom of Information (FOI) law in Thailand by strengthening domestic constituencies demanding environmental information;
  • Strengthen or accelerate the official collection, analysis, and dissemination and use of pollution control data on environmental conditions (water and air), and on point-source pollution releases (e.g.: inspection, regular monitoring data, incident, compliance report, public complaint report);
  • To shift governmental definitions of access to information from “reactive” to “proactive” release of information, emphasizing availability, publicity, and usability.

Social Impact::

It is anticipated that the proposed activities will:

  • strengthen capacity of local community on their right to information;
  • improve the implementation of article 9(8), and thus environmental and health information is released proactively;
  • improve transparency and accountability in working process of government system.  


February 2011 – September 2012 (1 year and 8 months)


Open Society Foundation (OSE) through World Resources Institute (WRI)

Project President::

Dr.Somrudee Nicro

Project Manager::

Saniwan Buaban

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