Febuary 18, 2020 | 07:14 PM

The first Academics Meeting in the South organised by the SUCCESS Project

18 Feb 2020 – Songkhla Community Foundation (SCF) and Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) collaborated under SUCCESS project, led by Dr Pakamas, to coordinate and organise a first Academics Meeting in Hat Yai, bringing together multi-disciplinary senior academics and researchers from 6 different universities in the lower South. The objective of the meeting was to explore and discuss possible collaboration and engagement opportunities on practical research and learning, focusing on vulnerability assessment, urban climate governance and building urban climate resilience. The aim was to build a network of multi-disciplinary academics and researchers to address challenges in urban, climate change, disaster preparedness, social vulnerability and urban climate governance. In the meeting, the participating academics agreed on future collaboration, regular communication and taking part in vulnerability assessment. (SUCCESS project is funded by the European Union)