Background of Thailand Environment Institute (TEI)

The Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) is a non-profit, non-governmental, environmental organization, focusing on environmental issues. Established in May 1993 with a working philosophy of serving as a reliable and up-to-date information and knowledge resource. Founded on the belief that partnerships are the most effective approach in achieving sustainable development and better quality of life, the Thailand Environment Institute advocates a participatory approach to shared environmental responsibility.

By working closely with the private sector, government, local communities, other civil society partners, academia and in international circles with international organizations, TEI helps to formulate environmental directives and link policy with action to encourage meaningful environmental progress in Thailand.


"To be a leading organization in environment with respect to international standard, adhering to be nonpartisan organization that helps promote sustainable development."


  • Making recommendations on national environmental policy, strategy, and direction.
  • Developing knowledge, innovation and environmental standard as to be reference.
  • Enhancing capability for sustainable natural resources and environmental management to all related sectors.
  • Building partnership with major environmental organizations and strengthen networking at all level.
  • Educating and communicating the public on environmental knowledge.
  • Governing the Organization with good governance.

TEI's Operational Strategies

  • Guiding on national environmental policies based on expertise, facts and field experiences.
  • Supporting the government in the development and management of national environment strategies.
  • Being a prime source of national and international environmental information in the form of one-shop-stop through networks.
  • Developing potential in forceful and standard environment research.
  • Enhancing potential and cooperative networks of the public and private sectors and communities to bring policies into practices.
  • Launching PR campaigns and publicizing knowledge, information, recommendations, guidelines, models and lessons on environmental issues.


Note :

TEI is among the world’s top environment think tanks for 6 years continuously ranked by University of Pennsylvania, United States.