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(Jan - Sep 2012)

(Considering only production processes)

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by at least 10 percent on average in the production process of each product or service, involving the four factors mentioned. Greenhouse gas emission data in 2002 are compared with the data of the recent year (with 12 months data) when assessing the reduced greenhouse gas emissions, or
  2. The production process of each product or service is to rely on power or electricity generated by biomass materials or fuel or from wastes incurring in an industrial plant. Purchase of electricity from outside sources is limited to no more than 5 percent of total power used in the production process of each product and service, and the use of fossil fuel in the production process is not allowed (except for the start-up of a power generating system and for on-site transportation). Additionally, there is no greenhouse gas emissions from wastes (namely wastewater of the manufacturing plant and residues of materials and garbage) in the production plant, or
  3. If there is a state-of-the-art production technology (contributed to the reduction of GHG emission) being used, the executive committee will consider case by case.
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