Capacity Building for Environmental management PersonnelTraining Program Thailand Environment Institute Foundation

Capacity building for environmental management personnel in all sectors is one of the main objectives of the Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI). TEI is committed to the expansion of the environmental knowledge, which is our expertise and we have experienced for more than 20 years in developing potential of people of all levels, especially in the industrial and business sectors to have awareness and understanding of environmental and natural resources management as well as efficiently and sustainably use of energy. It also contributes to behavior change of both manufactures and consumers to be environmentally friendly practice and to create effective environmental management system.

TEI has continually developed modern courses in accordance with accurate technical basis and mandatory of laws and regulations. In addition, in some courses, we have also worked in the Social Service manner, which will bring benefits to society and great outcome to all sectors in the future. TEI have been carrying on training program since 2005. There are more than 16,000 participants who have been successfully trained by TEI (as of 8/14/2013). Capacity building for environmental management personnel is divided into 4 parts as follow;

Capacity building for environmental personnel in the industry:

TEI has registered as environmental training center under the supervision of Department of Industrial Works (DIW). The objective is to enhance understanding of the environmental management industry to the environmental personnel in the industry according to Notification of Ministry of Industry, B.E. 2545 (2002) and 2554 (2011), which defines the type and size of plant required an environmental personnel to control, minimize and prevent operational pollution released into the environment as little as possible. The program is divided into three levels of target groups;

  1. Environmental Managers;
  2. Supervisor for Pollution Control Systems and
  3. Operator for the Prevention Pollution Systems.

The program consists of seven courses. These training courses are designed to teach people how to handle and manage pollution prevention system and to protect the environment which are water pollution, air pollution, and industrial waste management.

In-house training:

We have provided several courses by integration of the principles of SGA in the training workshops and other courses that were developed based on the needs of clients as following;

  1. Course on Energy Management and Energy Conservation.
  2. Course on Environmental Awareness.
  3. Course on Environnemental Management.
  4. Course on Waste Management.
  5. Course on Environmental Law.
  6. Courses about Global Warming and Climate Change.
  7. Courses on New Mechanism Post 2012.
  8. Etc.
Training, workshop and seminar courses developed by the TEI:
  1. apacity building program on clean development mechanism (CDM).
  2. Courses on techniques to resolve disputes and conflicts on the environment.
  3. Courses on technology for high efficiency energy in building.
  4. Courses on advanced technology for wastewater treatment.
  5. Courses on comprehensive and systematic enterprise management using Lean Management for Environment.
  6. Courses on green product for environmental sustainability.
  7. Courses on green business for sustainable development.
  8. Courses on water and wastewater management for CEO.
  9. Course of enforcing environmental laws and environmental taxes.
  10. Courses on simple technique to estimate electricity use to save electric bill.
  11. Etc.
Study tour and site visit:

This program includes study and visit various companies which have best practice in energy management, environmental management, Small Group Activity (SGA), using information systems in organizations for communication and decisions effectively (One Page Management), industrial waste management and CDM development, etc.

The implementation of the above four programs of TEI is therefore concentrating on services and quality of training courses, particularly, selecting of high qualified speakers for the highest benefit of participants as well as they are able to employ the knowledge to improve and apply in organization.

In conclusion, the main objectives of the capacity building for environmental management personnel are to foster awareness, change behavior, and build good practices in the use of resources to provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly, energy conservation and energy efficiency management, participation in natural resources and environmental sustainability, including greenhouse gas emissions reduction that lead to global climate change. This brings about achieving efficiency and effectiveness environmental management and sustainable energy consumption in the whole country and also enhancing business competitiveness among ASEAN and international. We have applied suitable principle, tools and methods for each sector including low carbon society, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Carbon Footprint, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Cleaner Production, Clean Technology, Carbon Reduction Label, Green Label, and Lean Management for Environment.

Our mission is to deliver innovative training to enterprises, schools, local, nation and region. TEI as a "Learning Organization" delivers innovative training, seminars, site visit, practice, forum to share dialogue and exchange experience among various stakeholders, E-book, consultant service, media, website etc. to public. Our highest goal is to diminish green house gas and pollution emission so as to reduce production cost and develop capacities of business competition.